Pitch & Primer | Lifestyle Portraits | Downtown Raleigh

Today’s post is coming to you from one of my good friends, Jared Childs. Jared is the Founder & CEO of a men’s retail startup launching in Raleigh called Pitch & Primer. The other week I had the chance to get behind the lens for a Pitch & Primer photo-shoot that Jared will speak about. Enjoy!

I’ve been building the concept of Pitch & Primer since February of 2015. In 11 months, it’s gone from an idea on a napkin to a legitimate startup...it’s been quite a crazy ride and it’s just getting started. Pitch & Primer was built out of a respect for good style and a desire for a better experience. We’re creating a men’s store that sells clothing, accessories and products from local, national and international brands. With a versatile lineup of brands, a team of personal stylists and a craft beer bar, we’re looking to masculinize the shopping experience.

While the physical store is being built, we recently launched our online store (pitchandprimer.com). In order to visually convey what our brand/store is all about, I wanted to get some lifestyle photography done for the new site. So, I called up my good buddy Daniel and we started talking about what the shoot could look like. The goal of the shoot was to capture the lifestyle of the guys that will (hopefully) shop at Pitch & Primer by shooting on location at some of our favorite spots in Downtown Raleigh. After a day of scouting locations, lining up shoot times, and curating the different outfits/looks, we took to the streets of Downtown Raleigh.

I was thrilled with how the pictures came out. Daniel really captured the essence of the Pitch & Primer man. I’m looking forward to doing future shoots with Daniel behind the camera. Take a look and let me know what you think:

Downtown-Raleigh-Lifestyle- Portrait

The pictures from the shoot are live on our website and they look amazing. Special thanks to Daniel for perfectly capturing our brand and being so easy to work with! Be sure to check out Pitch & Primer and follow our progress on social media (@pitchandprimer) as we work towards changing the way guys shop in Raleigh!