Who is DanielK?

I am Daniel Keren, the DanielK of DanielKPhotography. I am a photographer who began taking photographs when my older sister received a 35mm camera from our grandmother.  I had always been rather shy but a fun-loving person. I could enjoy taking in the world as an observer on the sidelines, a position that allowed me to see the story in the activity around me and get to know and enjoy others.  When I grabbed that camera from my sister I found a tool to share those stories I was observing.  I developed my skill and eye as a hobbyist and polished them as a student at The International Academy of Design in Tampa, Florida. While earning my degree I began my wedding and event photography business.  Now based in Cary, North Carolina I can shoot your event locally or anywhere in the world you can imagine.

My artistic vision:

I have always been a sideline observer of life and now I bring that perspective to documenting your life. Weddings are not just a party, they are an event and a process that bring two people together as one couple, two families together as one family and two groups of friends together as one large group.  Whether it’s your engagement shoot, your wedding shoot or the events that further your life ever after, my photos are the documentary of that process of living and being a family.  Like the best documentary films I strive to capture the emotional heights and the personal connections that make up the story you will treasure forever. That process begins in our first contacts, as we begin to discuss who you are that will be making your story unique.  It is in these discussions that the foundations are laid for your unique photo record of the event.
One of the things that I have loved in my business is the relationships I build with my clients.  To be invited back to their lives to capture anniversaries, births, reunions or just portraits of their family’s current stage of life has been an honor and the most fun part of my work.